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Although your immediate concerns may have to do with what to wear and tidying up your home, I would encourage you to focus on staying relaxed and having fun. Creating the right mood and actually enjoying this time with your family will lead to the most natural, joyful, and loving images.

How to Take At-Home Family Photos

Family of four, two dads and two sons, have fun on the couch during their at-home family photo session
Family Photography

What to Wear for Your Family Photography Session

Once you get through the hurdle of finding a great Family Photographer and then actually BOOKING them, the very next thought is usually, “Wait! What do I wear for the session?” As a documentary-style photographer, I like to keep things pretty easy and stress-free. The most important thing is to pick outfits that are simple […]

Family Photography

Why Documentary Family Photography is the Absolute Best

I know I’m making a bold statement in declaring that documentary family photography is the best style there is. But I truly believe it.  With documentary photography, a photo is more than a photo. It’s a story. When you capture people as they are, in their natural habitat, those images have the power to bring […]

Photo taken through a window of a baby looking out and smiling big, his two bottom teeth showing.

Let’s start with the three most common questions that come up:

1. What’s the difference between portrait, lifestyle, and documentary photography?

2. Should I have a session at home or on location?

3. Why do the costs vary so much between photographers? What am I paying for?

Finding the Right Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography

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