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Choosing your print products is perhaps the most important part of the whole process when working with a Newborn or Family Photographer. Looking at your photos on a screen will never compare to the feeling of seeing them on your walls everyday, or flipping through the pages of an album with your children. Here are […]

My Favorite Photography Print Products (And Why You Should Buy Them)

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Client Tips

The Secret To Relaxing In Front Of the Camera

As ubiquitous as phone cameras are, I don’t know anyone who can remain completely unphased with a big camera pointed at their face. That means we could all use a little help when it comes to relaxing in front of the camera. It’s intense to be professionally photographed. Especially when taking documentary-style photos. Without all the […]

Family of four - two moms, toddler son, and baby girl - read books together on the couch.
Client Tips

Top 5 Tips to Get Mom in the Photo

Not to sound too morbid right off the bat, but none of us know how much time we have with our kids.  Our love for them, and theirs for us, is one of the most profound feelings we’ll ever experience in our lives.  That alone is worth documenting, and more than enough reason for us […]

Self-portrait of photographer Marjorie Cohen holding her toddler daughter, both of them smiling.
Family Photography

An Underwater Family Session is a guaranteed way to get fun and unique photos of your family! I offer pool photos IN ADDITION to the usual documentary-style family photos. That means you’ll have lots of variety when looking at your gallery, and one-of-a-kind images that very few photographers offer. So how does it work? After […]

Why Should You Schedule an Underwater Family Session?

Underwater pool photo pf mother and daughter surrounded by bubbles, having just jumped into their pool together.

How to Take At-Home Family Photos

Although your immediate concerns may have to do with what to wear and tidying up your home, I would encourage you to focus on staying relaxed and having fun. Creating the right mood and actually enjoying this time with your family will lead to the most natural, joyful, and loving images.

Family of four, two dads and two sons, have fun on the couch during their at-home family photo session
Family Photography

What to Wear for Your Family Photography Session

Once you get through the hurdle of finding a great Family Photographer and then actually BOOKING them, the very next thought is usually, “Wait! What do I wear for the session?” As a documentary-style photographer, I like to keep things pretty easy and stress-free. The most important thing is to pick outfits that are simple […]

Family Photography

I know I’m making a bold statement in declaring that documentary family photography is the best style there is. But I truly believe it.  With documentary photography, a photo is more than a photo. It’s a story. When you capture people as they are, in their natural habitat, those images have the power to bring […]

Why Documentary Family Photography is the Absolute Best

Photo taken through a window of a baby looking out and smiling big, his two bottom teeth showing.

Finding the Right Newborn Photographer

Let’s start with the three most common questions that come up:

1. What’s the difference between portrait, lifestyle, and documentary photography?

2. Should I have a session at home or on location?

3. Why do the costs vary so much between photographers? What am I paying for?

Newborn Photography

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