My 5 Favorite Print Products (And Why You Should Buy Them)

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Choosing your print products is perhaps the most important part of the whole process when working with a Newborn or Family Photographer.

Looking at your photos on a screen will never compare to the feeling of seeing them on your walls everyday, or flipping through the pages of an album with your children.

Here are my favorite print products – all of which I have on display in my own home – and why I think you should buy them, too.

Photo collage featuring different print products: a fine art album and a toddler boy playing in front of a wall with mounted prints.

Table of Contents

  1. Why You Should Order Print Products
  2. Fine Art Albums
    1. How To Decide On A Cover
  3. Lay-Flat Photo Books
  4. Mounted Prints for Photo Ledge
  5. Float Frames
  6. Acrylic Prints
  7. Closing Thoughts

Why You Should Order Print Products

I realize that, at the moment, owning digital versions of your brand new family photos may feel like enough. But family photos are all about thinking long-term.

What will happen to the sea of digital data you have on your phone in a decade? Will you have the time and patience to sift through thousands and thousands of photos to look for your favorites? And once you find them, what’s next?

I feel so strongly that your favorite photos should be PRINTED, that I include print credit in all of my collections. That way you can pick your favorite products and make sure your images are on display. Not just for you to enjoy, but for your kids.

Toddler girl sitting on the toilet and looking through her family album.

Here are my favorite print products in no particular order.

Fine Art Albums

Documentary photography and photo albums work wonderfully together.

Beautifully simple from start to finish, Fine Art Albums are the ultimate way to relive your family’s story.

With a one-piece wraparound cover design, photographic paper, and thick pages, this heirloom album can be passed down for generations to come.

Pick between a custom image or material cover (leather or linen,) and I’ll design the layout. We go through a round of revisions together and you have final approval before it goes to print.

These come in 3 different sizes: 8×8″, 10×10″, and 12×12″.

Photo collage of product photos of fine art albums.

How To Decide On A Cover

I frequently get asked how to decide on a cover. What’s best? An image cover, or leather or linen?

The biggest difference is that guests at your home are more comfortable looking through an album with a photo cover than a material cover because you are giving them a peak at the content.

A photo cover is almost like an invitation for someone to flip through your photos. That’s ideal if you think of your album as a coffee table book which will be left out on display. Your kids will look through it more frequently as well.

A material cover (leather or linen) gives you more privacy. It’s a better choice if your album is going to live on a bookshelf. It also makes your album more durable.

Ultimately once you think about where your album will go, you’ll have your answer.

Two photo albums stacked, one with a white leather cover, the other with a custom image cover.

Lay-Flat Photo Books

A Lay Flat Book is very similar to the Fine Art Album. Once open, the pages lay flat just like the album, which allows the design to include photos that bleed over from one page to another.

Books are made from premium quality materials with the finest press paper. The same size options are available as for the Fine Art Albums: 8×8″, 10×10″, and 12×12″.

Similar cover options are also available. You can choose between a custom image cover or a material cover, like leather or linen.

Two major differences are:

  1. Books are printed on press paper, not photographic semi-gloss pages.
  2. Pages are thinner and more flexible.

Lay Flat Books offer the best of both worlds when it comes to print products: a great budget-conscious option while still made with high-quality materials.

Product photos of a lay flat book, a great print product to display family photos.

Mounted Prints for Photo Ledge

Personally, I have more Photo Ledges around my home than any other product! I simply love these.

Though I don’t sell the actual Ledges (this is something you can buy directly at Artifact Uprising,) I do offer Mounted Prints, which work perfectly with the Ledge.

These prints, mounted on mat-board for extra thickness and white borders, will fit securely into the groove of the Ledge. They are made to hold their shape over a long period of time, so they look great unframed.

The best part is being able to mix and match photos of different sizes and orientations, and updating your display over the years without adding any extra hardware to your walls.

Photo collage of a home with photo ledge displays, with mounted semi-gloss prints.

Float Frames

This elegant frame features a deckled edge fine art print delicately suspended inside a wooden frame, creating a floating effect.

This is a beautiful and unique way of displaying your images that is sure to stand out against more classically framed prints.

Choose from three different colored frames, (graphite, white, and barnwood,) and pick the frame size to your liking. Display them as a collection, or on their own.

Example of float frames with torn edges.

Acrylic Prints

Printed on Fine Art paper and set under a clear acrylic, these prints offer a modern and clean take on your photo display.

The glare-free finish allows them to be placed near, or directly in front of, a window without creating a distracting reflection.

Because Acrylic Prints have such a distinct aesthetic, I recommend displaying them on their own wall or as a collage, (which I can help you design.)

They are bolted on all four corners, hanging about an inch or so away from your wall. This creates a sleek, floating effect, which is sure to draw attention.

Photo collage of acrylic prints with an anti-glare finish. A great print product for family photos.

Closing Thoughts

However you choose to display your images, the important thing is just to get them printed. This is truly the last step of working with a professional photographer and setting yourself up to actually enjoy your photos.

After we’re all wrapped up, I want to leave you with something tangible, that you can hold in your hands, and eventually, pass on to your kids.

Your future self will thank you.


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