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If you’re expecting a baby, you might be wondering when is the best time to book a newborn session. Is it something worth doing before the baby is born? I would strongly argue YES! The best time would be in your third trimester. And here’s why– Read on to find out 6 Reasons to Book A Newborn Session Before the Baby Comes. 

Newborn photo collage to encourage parents to book a newborn session. A collection of photos of parents snuggling their newborn babies at home.

Reason #1 To Book A Newborn Session Now: Don’t Rush Finding the Right Photographer for Your Family

If this is your first baby, it’s likely you don’t have a Newborn & Family Photographer already lined up. That means you’ll have to do a little research, talk to your community, look at a few different photographer websites, and maybe even jump on the phone with your top choices. There are so many great options in Los Angeles, and finding the right photographer for your family is crucial and not something you’ll want to rush. Additionally, many photographers can book up weeks, or even months, in advance. It’s best to make this big decision ahead of time so you’re not stressing over it while also navigating newborn life.  

Overhead photo of a newborn born in his crib, his pose reminds us of superman

Reason #2: Make It Part of Your Nesting Process

There is SO MUCH to get done before the arrival of a new baby. Setting up a crib, car seat, buying newborn clothes, diapers, pacifiers, books, toys… and the list goes on. It’s a wonderfully exciting time in your life that comes with a very long to-do list. 

Take advantage of being in “getting-stuff-done” mode, and tack it onto your list. Think of it as part of your nesting process. And don’t forget that those photos can also be used for decor. So really, you’re killing two birds with one stone by booking that newborn photographer! 

On the left, a mom holding her newborn baby girl in the nursery. On the right, an overhead image of a newborn baby wearing only a diaper.

Reason #3: You’ll Be Busy Soon

The newborn stage is so beautifully unique in that you feel like you’re existing outside of the real world for a little while. Everyone is going about their business as usual, and you are now operating on a 3-hour cycle. Eat, sleep, poop. Rinse and repeat. 

It feels like you’re not doing much but somehow are also so incredibly busy because all of your hours are being accounted for. In addition to feeding the baby every 3 hours, there are bottles or pump parts that need to be sterilized, diapers to be changed, laundry to be done, and so on. 

It’s amazing to exist in your own little bubble for that period of time with just your baby and your partner. It is also non-stop. So busy! And so very much not the ideal time to be searching for a photographer. So make sure to book a newborn session before then.

A collection of three images from an at-home newborn session including a mother breastfeeding, a close-up of the baby holding his mom's finger, and a portrait including an older toddler sister.

Reason #4: You’ll be Tired Soon

Did you know that breastfeeding a baby can burn about 900 calories a day? That’s a lot of energy! Plus, the transition from regularly getting a full night of sleep to suddenly napping in 2-hour increments can take a toll on your body. 

It’s all temporary, of course, but you’ll be grateful for every moment you have to relax. The last thing you need is an unfinished to-do list with the words “Find a Newborn Photographer” on it. 

Two images from an at-home newborn session. One close-up of a baby boy, and a photo of dad holding his newborn in the nursery.

Reason #5: What Is Time?

Because of the sleep deprivation and around-the-clock demands during those newborn days, you might feel a little out of it. I remember after the birth of my daughter, once the fatigue set in, it felt a little bit like jet lag. I wasn’t quite sure what day of the week it was, or the time of day. 

In other words, not the best time to be searching for a newborn photographer. But a GREAT time to book a Newborn Session so you can just relax and enjoy your family, while also documenting that fleeting moment.  

Two images of a newborn baby girl in a pink outfit in her crib from parents who decided to book a newborn session.

Reason #6: You Might Feel Self-Conscious

I hope that if you’re pregnant right now, you feel beautiful, strong, and radiant. I only wish every woman who just delivered a baby also felt that way. We have every reason to. But society makes it hard by complementing and empowering pregnant women, while quickly tossing us aside immediately afterwards and shifting the focus to “getting your body back.” I think that’s bullshit, but I’ll spare you the full rant.

I’ll just say that it is tender and vulnerable standing in your new postpartum body. During pregnancy, you witness your body changing slowly over the course of almost a year. But once you deliver that baby, the new change comes overnight. 

It might suddenly feel intimidating to invite someone into your space with a big camera to photograph you. 

So don’t wait til then to book a newborn session. Make the decision – and arrangements – beforehand, so you don’t have the chance to sit with that insecurity. It’s not worth missing out on documenting these once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

Two images of parents with their newborn babies.

Final Thoughts

Booking a newborn session will never be something you regret. On the contrary, as time goes by, you will only come to treasure those precious images more and more. If you are considering hiring a Newborn Photographer, I would encourage you to go for it, and do it before the baby comes!

Collage of new moms snuggling their newborn babies at at home photo sessions.

Ready For the Next Step?

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