Where Every Family Deserves to Be Documented


Some were formed through IVF. 

Some have two dads. 

Some have a single mom. 

Some have disabilities and special needs.

But they all have one thing in common:
Each experiences real moments of joy and connection.

And to me, that is worth documenting. 

Every family is different.

As a parent, I understand how hard it is to raise children and wonder if you’re doing a good job–especially in particularly difficult seasons of life. I don’t always feel like documenting moments, but I’m always glad when I do.

Because when I look back on those images even one year later, I don’t simply remember how my kids have grown. I remember what we’ve come through as a family.

I remember the joy that was still present–even in the hardest of times. I remember how I’ve grown as a parent. And I remember that, yes, I am doing just fine–and my kids are too.

Documenting the Joy of Parenthood 


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I Want You to Remember Your Life.
Not the Day the Photographer Visited.


Yet the expertise I'll bring with me is pretty memorable too.

Remember // You're In Good Company

I get it. I have little ones just like you. That's why I'm unfazed by the FULL range of family dynamics at a session: spit-up, blowouts, meltdowns, squabbles, short attention spans, and more. And it's why I never set a time limit. So I can capture your family at their best--between the moments of chaos. Because as I see it--your family, in its natural habitat, is the wildest, most beautiful thing of all.

Remember // You're In Well-Trained Hands

With my background in film directing, I can and will guide you through this. While you bake together, play a game, or read a book, I'll encourage you to focus on each other and stay present. In turn, everyone can relax (talking to you, mama!), forget about the camera, and simply enjoy the time together while I capture it all.

Remember // This Won’t Last Forever

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a parent, it’s that everything is temporary. Personalities morph and grow as your kids do. So instead of faded memories or stiff, posed photographs to remember these stages, I'll give you personality-filled moments that allow you to remember them as they are.

Remember // You're Doing Great

I understand you may not feel like yourself at this stage of life. Maybe your body just grew and produced another human. Or you’ve been so busy chasing a toddler you haven’t had time to care for you. But these moments matter more than perfection. Because you're doing a great job. And it's my greatest pleasure to show you the evidence of that.

- Danielle

Marj was exceptionally patient with the kids. Nothing seemed to phase her, even a meltdown! Shortly after getting started, everyone was playing and interacting happily, and Marj kept their attention for the whole shoot.

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- caroline

Her kindness and warmth made the process feel easy and fun. 

REVIEW NO. 2 of 3

- danielle

None of us are good at posing for photos, so I was surprised by how much fun we all had during the shoot.

REVIEW NO. 3 of 3

More about Marjorie

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and moved to Los Angeles in 2005 to attend film school. I worked as a film director for about 10 years up until I got myself knocked up by my lovely husband.

Once we became parents, I made the decision to start my own photography business and press pause on a life of 16-hour work days and a constant state of hustle. I had been taking photos for years in all sort of different genres, (head shots, behind-the-scenes, landscape,) and photographing babies and young kids felt like a natural transition.

At first, I thought it would be a small side business that would grant me more predictability and flexibility, but the truth is, I fell in love.

Marjorie Cohen 

los angeles family Photographer + Mom of 2 Littles

I wasn’t expecting it, but I quickly found myself feeling perfectly fulfilled with a business that allowed me to spend time with fellow parents, and, of course, super-cute littles. 

I used my experience in working with actors to make parents and kids feel comfortable in front of the camera. I applied the skills I learned as a behind-the-scenes photographer on film and commercial sets to make myself quick and unobtrusive.

I decided to specialize in documentary-style photography because that’s the style of photos I wanted for my own family and that’s what my personality and skillset lended itself to. I love photos that pack an emotional punch. I’ve always been a storyteller at heart and now I tell stories through my photos.  

I don’t take myself too seriously and avoid anything that makes parenthood seem “aspirational.” My house is a mess. My kids can be batsh*t crazy sometimes. Parenthood to me is pure chaos and I love it. 

In a Nutshell


moscow Mule


my drink of choice


juggling (kids love it!)

I start every day with

a nice cup of Brazilian coffee


it’s nice to meet you! I’m 


Real Love & Genuine Connection

You deserve the gift of presence. The ability to be part of their memories. And photographs to prove you were there.
Reach out, and let's get started.

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