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In this episode of the parenthood documentary series, “I Wish I Knew,” Marina recounts her out-of-hospital birth stories, and how her chaotic and urgent hospital transfer left her with PTSD. My Out-of-Hospital Birth Left Me With PTSD TABLE OF CONTENTS Out-of-Hospital Birth US Maternal and Infant Mortality Rate Midwifery Model of Care Midwife vs OB/GYN […]

My Home Birth Story (Video Included) – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 10

Mother snuggles newborn son, her eyes closed taking him in.
I Wish I Knew

Parenting Through Divorce – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 09

In this episode of the parenthood documentary series, “I Wish I Knew,” Jacquie shares how she navigated her divorce and found her new identity as a single mom. Finding My New Identity As a Single Mom After My Divorce TABLE OF CONTENTS Effects of Divorce in Children Joint vs Sole Custody About Marjorie Sign up […]

Black & white image of mom tickling her 6-year-old son on their couch.
I Wish I Knew

My Adoption Story as a Dad – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 08

In this episode of the parenthood documentary series, “I Wish I Knew,” Michael shares his 2-year adoption story that led him to his son and allowed him to realize his lifelong dream of being a parent. My Long and Emotional Adoption Story TABLE OF CONTENTS After grieving their infertility, Michael and his partner Nicole decided […]

Wide shot of the outside of a house showing adoptive parents playing with their child.
I Wish I Knew

In this episode of the parenthood documentary series, “I Wish I Knew,” two dads, Elad and Andrew, share the story of how they became parents. Their journey involved finding an egg donor, going through IVF (in-vitro fertilization,) and working with a surrogate to carry their babies. Two Dads Raising Twins After returning to the USA […]

Two Dads Win Citizenship Battle for Twin Son – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 07

I Wish I Knew

Labor and Delivery and Caring for Our Newborn Baby – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 06

In this episode of the parenthood documentary series, “I Wish I Knew,” brand new parents, Karina & Uday, walk us through their labor and delivery story and give us a step-by-step description of the birth of their new baby girl. Labor & Delivery for Newborn Baby Karina championed through labor, walking into the hospital already […]

I Wish I Knew

Surviving our Crazy Postpartum C-Section Experience – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 05

In this episode of the parenthood documentary series, “I Wish I Knew,” Catherine and Eric share their unique postpartum experience of dealing with an infected c-section incision that had to be kept open for 5 weeks, and pathological engorgement of the breasts from breastfeeding. Dealing with an infected C-section incision and pathological engorgement Eric had […]

A mother lies on the floor with her baby boy as they read a book together and giggle
I Wish I Knew

Shannon describes her experience as a single mom who later found love and formed a blended family with her husband, Dennis. From Single Mom to Blended Family Shannon talks about the challenges and responsibilities of being a single parent. She goes into how she managed to raise a child while also getting a bachelor’s degree […]

From Single Mom to Blended Family – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 04

Toddler boy smiling towards camera over the shoulder of his mother.
I Wish I Knew

Pregnancy Loss and Societal Pressure – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 03

Jessica opens up about what it’s like to experience multiple miscarriages, the toll it takes on your mental health, dealing with external pressure, and more. Pregnancy Loss and Societal Pressure She goes into detail about her near-death experience after her last miscarriage where she nearly bled out, and adjusting her expectations of having a nuclear […]

I Wish I Knew

Toddlers, Tantrums, and Mental Health – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 02

Toddler parents Ximena and Arie talk about the challenges and rewards of toddlerhood, tantrums, and taking care of your mental health as a parent. Toddlers, Tantrums, and Mental Health They describe what a tantrum looks and feels like, how they cope with it, and how they support each other along the way. Ximena also discusses […]

I Wish I Knew

Couple Sally and Rubí, who have been together for over 20 years, discuss their long journey to becoming parents.  Our 10-Year Fertility Journey – Finding a Sperm Donor, IUI, and finally, IVF Their path included finding the perfect sperm donor, several unsuccessful rounds of IUI (intrauterine insemination,) and finally, IVF (in-vitro fertilization.)    Below, you’ll find […]

Our 10-Year Fertility Journey – “I Wish I Knew…” Episode 01

I Wish I Knew

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