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I'm Marjorie


I work with parents who want relaxed and unposed photos, providing them with images that capture the joyful and unscripted moments in life.

More about Me

“If you’re a parent, then you know there are so many things we go through that nobody really talks about.”

“I Wish I Knew…” is a short documentary series covering a variety of topics related to parenthood.

Over a collection of 10 interviews, parents share their personal stories and experiences around matters such as fertility, pregnancy, adoption, divorce, mental health, and more.

I Wish I Knew… A Series on Parenthood

As a society, we don’t speak openly about the challenges of parenthood. This creates a sense of loneliness and isolation when we find ourselves in difficult situations. Often, those situations are not uncommon, but the lack of communication around them keeps us disconnected from each other.

This series is an attempt to remedy that in a small way by opening up the conversation and connecting with each other through our stories.

Episode Guide

  1. Sally & Rubi discuss their 10-year fertility journey – WATCH NOW!
  2. Ximena & Arie discuss toddlerhood and mental health – WATCH NOW!
  3. Jessica discusses pregnancy loss and generational trauma – WATCH NOW!
  4. Shannon & Dennis discuss single parenting and blended families – WATCH NOW!
  5. Catherine & Eric discuss postpartum complications and partnership – WATCH NOW!
  6. Karina & Uday discuss labor, delivery, and early newborn days – WATCH NOW!
  7. Elad & Andrew discuss raising twins and systemic discrimination – WATCH NOW!
  8. Michael discusses adoption and early childhood – WATCH NOW!
  9. Jacquie discusses divorce and finding your new identity – WATCH NOW!
  10. Marina discusses out-of-hospital birth and PTSD – WATCH NOW!

About Marjorie

Hi! I’m Marjorie and I’m a Newborn & Family Photographer based in Los Angeles, California.

As a documentary-style photographer, I spend a lot of time with my clients and get to know them pretty well. Soon after I started my business and began hanging out with different families, I realized every single parent I knew had gone through something. Everyone had a story.

Although the stories were similar sometimes, and I’d seen multiple people experience the same challenge, there was a sense of isolation. There was shame and a fear of being judged.

It became clear to me that the problem was a lack of communication. For some reason, we weren’t talking about our experiences as a society.

I decided to use my background in filmmaking to create a platform where parents could share their stories. My hope is that we can learn from each other and normalize events and experiences that have been labeled as taboo.

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