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Hi, I’m Marjorie! (She/her.) I'm a Documentary Family & Newborn Photographer. I collaborate with parents who want more than just staged pictures and support them by capturing photos that authentically tell their story so they can always remember what this moment in time felt like.


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I started my Family Photography business shortly after a disappointing experience with my own newborn photographer. 

Our session only lasted 30 minutes, and we ended up with photos that felt sort of… empty. 

I had just given birth. I was exhausted, scared, and at my most vulnerable. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was desperately seeking connection with anyone who understood first-hand what I was going through. I did not get that from my photographer.

Because of that, I take the time to get to know the families I’m collaborating with and let them get to know me. I never take it for granted when I’m invited into a family’s home. 
I believe there’s no way to capture the real you unless I know the real you. Documentary photography allows me to dig a little deeper to learn about what makes your family uniquely beautiful, so I can bring out those details in your photos. 

In turn, you end up with beautiful images that you’ll always feel connected to, no matter how much time goes by.  


Being your photographer is a big deal.

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Claire d.

"No one has ever so perfectly captured our baby's spirit and essence."

"We had the most wonderful experience with Marj Cohen when she documented our growing family! She has a wonderfully kind and joyful personality and we felt comfortable being completely ourselves throughout the shoot. Her exquisite photos capture the realness of our family and the reality of this time in our baby's life. No one has ever so perfectly captured our baby's spirit and essence and we will treasure these photos forever."

Sally G.

"Now our son will be able to see how much love he brought to our home."

"These photos are so special! Many of these moments would have been stored only in our memories and probably become fuzzy over time. Now our son will be able to look at them and see what it was like, our first year as a family and how much love he brought to our home! Thank you Marj for such a great experience!" 

jered f.

"The way you captured the emotion of our birth journey is just remarkable!"

“Marjorie!!!! This is the most amazing gift! You are such a rare talent. The way you told the story and captured the emotion of our birth journey is just remarkable! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!” 

jessica b.

"Our son is so lucky to have his birth documented."

Marj is the picture of professionalism, kindness, talent, and resilience. From the moment she entered the room, we could feel her calm energy. Our son is so lucky to have his birth documented. And our family members are so thankful to her for allowing them to live the experience through her expertly pointed camera lens. THANK YOU MARJ!! When we get pregnant again, we won't hesitate in hiring you!"

catherine e.

"[Marjorie] spent time just talking to us and making us comfortable."

"I am so happy with all of the beautiful photos! I can't stop looking at them. I was nervous about it being a candid photo shoot because who can truly be candid in front of a camera? Marj was great at easing us into it. She spent time just talking to us and making us comfortable then before we knew it she was snapping away. We had a lot of fun. Thanks, Marj!!! Cant wait to work with you again!"

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