5 Reasons to Book Family Photos Now

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Unlike other types of photo sessions – Engagement, Maternity, Newborn – there’s no ticking time clock when it comes to Family Sessions. It feels like something you can do at any time. Which is why I sometimes see parents delay getting family photos. Though technically there is no deadline, here are 5 reasons to book family photos now and why you shouldn’t wait!

Photo collage of moms snuggling and interacting with their kids at at-home family sessions.

Reason #1: Commit While It’s On Your Mind

If you’re reading this article, you are probably considering hiring a professional family photographer. I would suggest using this energy and excitement to move forward with your decision because, if you’re anything like most parents I know, you have a lot going on. Whether you have one child or three, I’m guessing you’re a busy parent with many things to worry about! Why not keep the momentum going while you’re at it before you mentally move onto the next thing?

Two photos of moms joyfully holding their young kids close during at-home family photo sessions.

Reason #2: You May Have to Wait Weeks After Booking

Just because you book family photos now, doesn’t mean your photographer is readily available. Many family photographers book up weeks or even months in advance. There is usually a waiting period between saying “yes” and having your actual session. Then another chunk of time before you actually see your photos.

In the meantime, your kiddos are growing and changing. I suggest committing now to avoid missing this stage!

Two black and white photos of a young girl laughing into camera.

Reasons #3: Time Doesn’t Wait

As my daughter’s preschool teacher says, “Time doesn’t wait.” Whatever is on the horizon for your kiddos – a baby taking their first steps, a new haircut, that loose tooth coming out – those milestones will come and go whether you document them or not. Your children will keep growing and changing, so book family photos now to make sure you capture these moments.

Three-photo collage of a family of two moms spending time with their toddler boy and baby girl at home. A perfect example of why parents should book family photos now and now later.

Reason #4: You Might Forget

Despite our best intentions, parents often forget to follow through with non-essential plans because we are so damn busy. It’s understandable. Some of the time we are just barely holding our heads above water and trying to make it through the day. So finding a photographer and booking a session can seem like a lot to handle. Right now, this is something that is top of mind. How about reaching out to a photographer now so you can save yourself the trouble later?

Two photos of a mom drawing pictures with her young son.

Reason #5: Your Future Self Will Thank You

This is always how I frame things for myself when I think of documenting my own family. Even though a lot of what is happening with the kids can feel mundane and even not-that-interesting, this is still a stage in our lives that we will eventually outgrow.

There are so many future benefits to book family photos now – we can make a family album, add artwork to our walls, the kids can enjoy seeing all these photos of themselves (did you know it’s great for their self-esteem??,) and so much more.

But at the end of the day, I love having evidence that my kids are happy. That I’m doing a good job as a parent. That’s what makes it all worth it to me.

A black & white at-home family portrait of two dads and their 5-year-old sons playfully hanging out on the couch.

Ready To Book Family Photos Now?

If you’re inspired to go for it and would like to learn more about what it would be like to work with me, then I invite you to reach out

I hope to hear from you!


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