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Documentary-style photos and At-Home Family Sessions are a fantastic combination. But you may be wondering: What do we actually do during our photo session? Read on to find out the best activities for at-home family photos.

The truth is, the activities are really just an avenue to drive connection and engagement between you and your kiddos. 

I suggest thinking of a few different things your kids love to do, and setting up little stations around the home so your littles can pick the order in which you do them. It gives them a sense of control and helps ensure they stay happy during the session. 

Here are some great activities to try out for your at-home family photos–  

2 black & white photos of moms with their kids during at-home family photo sessions in Los Angeles.

Read A Book

So simple, right? Grab a couple of their favorites and cuddle up either in the living room couch or on your bed and tell them a story. Sometimes the best activities for at-home family photos are the most obvious!

Photo collage of parents reading books with their kids as an example of activities  for at-home family photos.

Play With Their Favorite Toy Or Game

If you’re familiar with “special time” (child-led 1:1 playtime) you’ll know why it’s so beneficial to take a few minutes every day to bond with your child. What if you could try this while getting your at-home family photos? Let them pick their favorite game or toy, and put them in charge. Not only will it result in great photos but create special moments both of you will appreciate.

Photo collage of parents playing games with their kids during in-home family photo sessions in Los Angeles.

Arts & Crafts

Whether it’s coloring or building a 3D-face with googly eyes and the works, pick a craft that’s not too long and actually create something with them. Not only are these great activities for at-home family photos, but you’ll have the artwork to go along with the images!

Photo collage of parents doing arts and crafts with their kids while getting at-home family photos.

Baking or Cooking Together

This is one of my favorites, and not just because I usually get to take a cookie or muffin home with me! There are so many benefits of cooking with your kiddos. Did you know that getting them involved with their food will make them more likely to try new things and become more adventurous eaters? 

Photo collage of cookies and kids baking with their parents at at-home family photo session in Los Angeles.

Sitting Down For a Meal or Snack

Take the opportunity to relax and sit down for a meal or snack. Not only will they be in a better mood once their bellies are full, but it makes for great photos. And maybe take the opportunity to enjoy something special together that you don’t eat on a regular basis. 

Photo collage of young families sharing meals during their at-home family photo sessions.

Jumping On the Bed

Giving your kiddos some liberty to do things that they’re not usually allowed to do is a sure way to bring out some excitement. Explain that this is allowed today because it’s a special day, and let them have their fun. 

Photo collage of kids jumping on the bed or cuddling on the bed while getting family photos at home.

Tickle Fights

Tickle fights are different than the other activities because it’s not exactly something you can plan for. The mood has to be right. But keep it in the back of your mind and if you’re trying to have a quiet moment but the kids are restless or too energetic, this is a great way to let off some steam and get some great images in the process. 

Photo collage of parents playfully tickling their children during their at-home family photo session.

Change Clothes

I tell my clients not to get the kiddos ready before I arrive because I love photographing them getting changed. It’s so cute and also decreases the stress and number of tasks to get done before the session begins. 

Photo collage of parents helping their young children change clothes for their at-home family photo session.

Bath Time

If you’re comfortable with having photos of you kiddos in the bath, this is not just a great photo op but an amazing excuse to check something off your daily to-do list. How wonderful would it be to wrap up your photo session and have your kids be ready for naptime or bedtime?

Photo collage of toddlers and babies during bath time, taken during at-home family photo session.

Want To See Examples Of More Activities For At-Home Family Photos?

Check out some client galleries from my Portfolio Page to see examples of great activities for at-home family photos!


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