5 Easy Recipes To Make With Your Kids

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Here are some fun and delicious recipes to make with your kids (from a working Los Angeles mother of 2!)

I did not grow up cooking or baking so I want to preface this by stating that all the recipes I make are fairly easy. When I suggest recipes to other parents, my motto is: If I can do it, you can do it. I will add the caveat that I love following directions to a T and am very detail-oriented, so that does come in handy with the baking. But being in the kitchen is certainly not second-nature to me.

I fell into baking when my oldest daughter was a few months old. I wasn’t ready to return to work as a Los Angeles Newborn & Family Photographer yet, but I needed something to do that would make me feel productive.

Baking seemed like the perfect activity. There were ingredients to measure, steps to follow, and – barring total disaster – something delicious to enjoy at the end! It was the perfect self-contained activity that made me happy and allowed me to share that happiness with the people around me. 

As my kids got older, I started bringing them into the kitchen as a way for us to spend some quality time together. I also loved how proud of themselves they were for making something yummy.

I encourage you to try it! To get you started, here 5 easy and delicious recipes to make with your kids. (With a few more at the bottom of the article.)

#1: Banana Bread

An easy, one-bowl recipe that’s almost impossible to mess up! This banana bread was the very first thing I baked and I’ve stuck with the same recipe over the years. I like to measure out the ingredients and line them up in order, then have my daughter mix everything herself. It gives her a great sense of accomplishment!

Gif of a young girl making banana bread in her kitchen serving as a great example of recipes to make with your kids.

#2: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love making this chocolate chip cookie recipe and letting the kids pick the toppings. In this case, they went with rainbow sprinkles and dark chocolate chips (top), and M&M’s (bottom). I’ve even done this on playdates! I’ll have the batter ready, then divide it up so each kid can make 2-3 cookies with their toppings of choice.

Easy cookie recipes to make with your kids: Chocolate chip cookies with rainbow sprinkles (top) and M&M cookies (bottom.)

#3: Pizza

Another great playdate idea, or something to do together as a family. Pizza is easy, simple, and quick! I’ve used both homemade pizza dough and store-bought. Both options end up delicious! The best part is that everyone can pick their own toppings and it’ll survive a small beating by little, uncoordinated fingers.

Here’s the recipe I use for homemade pizza dough and tomato sauce.

Photo collage of cheese pizza and two siblings enjoying slices of the pizza.

#4: Monster Cookies

I found a cool Halloween monster cookie recipe on Instagram and decided to try it out. I had to buy the black cocoa powder ahead of time, but other than that, the other ingredients are pretty straightforward. These were delicious and also impressive. A great conversation starter. Even if your kids don’t have the attention span to participate during the whole process, they can at least add the googly eyes at the end!

Halloween monster cookies made with black cocoa powder, halloween-themed sprinkles, and googly eyes.

#5: Almond Spritz Cookies

Someone gave me a cookie press for Christmas one year and I thought I’d never use it. But after finding this delicious recipe by Melissa Clark (one of my favorite cooks/bakers), I decided to try it out. The reason it’s such a great recipe to make with your kids is that you can put together the dough beforehand and have them come in and stamp out the cookies. So much fun and the cookies look impressive!

I Bake So I Don’t Lose My Mind

I can honestly say that baking has saved my mental sanity, especially during those early postpartum months. I love baking, both by myself and with my kids, because I find it to be such a meditative activity with the best possible end result. 

As far as Family Documentary Sessions go, this is one of my favorite activities that I suggest to my clients. Not only does it keep you truly present and engaged with your child, but it helps you relax in front of the camera. Bonus points for giving the photographer a treat for the ride home!

Photo collage of baked goods with easy recipes to make with your kids.
Some more fun recipes to make with your kids from top to bottom, left to right: Lime Squiggles by Claire Saffitz, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies by Melissa Clark, Neopolitan Cookies by Sarah Kieffer, Gingerbread Cookies by Jennifer Steinhauer, Lace Cookies by Food Wishes, and Cinnamon Roll Blondies by Sarah Kieffer.


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