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The short answer for how I pose newborns during a photo session is: I don’t.  As a Documentary-style Newborn & Family Photographer, I find that: … lead to getting great photos. Trust that things will progress and change throughout the session and you will end up with a nice variety of newborn photography poses without […]

Newborn Photography Poses (Shot List Included!)

Newborn Photography

The Newborn Photography Checklist for Parents

So you’re thinking about getting Newborn Photos! That’s great! I’ve created the ultimate newborn photography checklist for you, which you can download for free at the bottom of this page. But first, here are a few things that I very strong believe: As a Newborn and Family Photographer, I hear from my clients that there […]

Overhead photo of a newborn born in his crib, his pose reminds us of superman
Newborn Photography

What to Wear for a Newborn Photo Session

These photos should feel like a real day in your life. Not the day the photographer came over.

We accomplish that by making sure the outfits don’t create any kind of distraction that will take away from the emotion and story of your photos.

Newborn baby wearing muted mustard tones asleep in his crib.
Newborn Photography

Let’s start with the three most common questions that come up:

1. What’s the difference between portrait, lifestyle, and documentary photography?

2. Should I have a session at home or on location?

3. Why do the costs vary so much between photographers? What am I paying for?

Finding the Right Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography

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