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Newborn photo album with a leather cover over an album with a photo cover.



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You know how they say that once you drive a new car off the lot it immediately loses some of its value? Think of newborn photos, and specifically, a newborn photo album as the exact opposite! Newborn babies change so quickly. The more babies grow, the more value your newborn photos will have, and the more precious any heirloom containing those photos becomes. 

As a Los Angeles Newborn Photographer, I believe a newborn photo album is the perfect way to document those early days. Read on to find out what makes newborn photo albums so great and which ones to invest in.

5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Newborn Photo Album

Newborn photo album with a leather cover over an album with a photo cover.

1. They tell a story

Looking at a collection of images that reflects back those early newborn days will feel like quite the experience. Especially as time goes on and those days become more and more distant. Rather than seeing one or two photos on your wall, a newborn photo album is a chance to relive your story (and remind yourself that you survived it!)

Imagine yourself in a few years, sitting on the couch and looking through your photos with your toddler. (It feels unthinkable at the moment, right? But that day will come.) How amazing for you to share that experience with them and have them see first-hand what those early days were like. 

That moment is absolutely invaluable.

2. They are portable

Moving to a new place? Changing up your home decor? Installing wallpaper? No problem! Your newborn photo album goes where you go in a totally hassle-free way. This may seem like an obvious benefit, but it’s something you might not think about until you’re having to pack things up.

3. They are private

Unlike any artwork that hangs on your wall, a newborn photo album is only for the people you want to share it with. As I mentioned above, your album might contain sensitive photos that are not for everyone to see. With albums, sharing your photos comes at your discretion.

4. You can make copies

Will you have doting grandparents around? A sibling who will be there with you every step of the way? Order multiples of your album! In fact, many photo labs will offer a discount for additional copies. When my daughter was born, I made an extra copy of our newborn photo album for my mom. She came to stay with us during those first couple of weeks and appeared in our newborn photos. I made a smaller copy of our album for her to take with her. 

5. They are something you can pass along to your kids one day

This will seem impossibly far down the line at this moment, but one day your baby will grow up and move out of the house. They might even start their own family. Imagine having their newborn photo album to pass along to them, to share with their partner and children. What a magical moment that would be… 

3 Great Brands for Newborn Photo Albums

  1. Mpix

This is the #1 photo lab I recommend to my clients for when they want to buy their own print products. Whether you’re ordering loose prints, framed prints, or a newborn photo album, mpix is a great option. In fact, as a Los Angeles Newborn Photographer, I use their professional lab for all my client orders. Mpix is the client-facing version of that lab.

  1. Bay Photo

Bay Photo would be my second choice for ordering products. As a consumer, placing an order might take a few extra minutes of your time, but the quality you get in the end is well worth it. Their prints are excellent and will last you a lifetime.

  1. Social Print Studio

Social Print Studio is a great online lab that offers both great products and a user-friendly interface. This is a more affordable option that offers a good compromise between pricing and quality.

  1. Order it through your Professional Photographer

If you are hiring someone for professional newborn photos, then by all means, make sure you work with someone who offers print products! Photographers are notoriously picky about the products they offer, so you will surely end up with the best of the best. Plus, it saves you the hassle of having to design and order a newborn photo album yourself. 

What’s The Difference Between A Newborn Photo Album and Photo Books?

Photo collage displaying newborn photo albums and books.

Photo albums and photo books are very similar products with a few key differences:

  1. Quality & Materials

A newborn photo album is printed on photographic semi-gloss or matt paper. It will resemble a photo print in terms of sheen and aesthetic. Photo books, on the other hand, are printed on press paper. Think thick card stock paper. Colors and details will display differently in each material. Photo paper has the capacity of having a larger variety of colors and tones, not to mention vibrancy. (Keep in mind the average person might not take notice unless you offer them a side-by-side comparison.)

  1. Cost

Because of the different materials, a photo album will be more expensive than a photo book as it is considered a more premium product. But if you have budgetary restrictions, then a photo book – especially a lay-flat photo book – is still a great way to go.

  1. Durability

With the proper care, both items can last you a lifetime. But photo books are more susceptible to your everyday wear and tear because they are printed on press paper. On the other hand, they are less expensive to replace should they get damaged.

What Kind Of Cover Should I Get?

Newborn photo album with a leather cover over an album with a photo cover.

Most vendors give you an option between a photo cover and a material cover like leather or linen. When clients ask me about covers, I tell them that a photo cover reminds people of a coffee table book in the sense that it’s an invitation to look through the pages. So it depends what the purpose of your album is and what kind of photos it contains. It might include photos of you breastfeeding, or your partner doing skin-to-skin. If the images are more sensitive or if you have modesty concerns, then I would go with a material cover to maintain your privacy. 

Another consideration is stackability. If this is your first child and you plan on having more in the future, they might each have their own newborn photo album. Those would look great stacked on a shelf. And if you’re going to stack them, they may as well be material covers since you won’t be looking at the tops of the albums. 

The last consideration is durability. A leather cover is easiest to clean and maintain. And once your child is older and wants to look at their baby photos, a material cover will be sturdier and harder to ruin. Some people are more precious about their belongings than others. If you feel you’re the kind of person who might cringe every time your toddler grabs your album off the coffee table or bookshelf, then go with a material cover.

PSA: Back Up Your Photos!

If you work with a professional photographer (which you should!) then please be sure to keep two separate copies of all of your photos. I suggest one set of photos on a computer or hard drive, and another set on a cloud-based service such as Dropbox.

If someone accidentally spill coffee on your newborn photo album down the line, it won’t be fun to have to order and pay for a whole new album, but it doesn’t compare to the emotional cost of losing those images forever.

Remember this is the kind of item, and these are the kinds of photographs, that only become more valuable over time exactly because they are impossible to replace once the moment has passed. Make sure you have a contingency plan should anything happen to your album or your digital copies. You should be aware that most newborn photographers can serve dozens or even hundreds of clients per year and will not be able to store your photos indefinitely. 

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