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If you’re currently expecting a baby, you may be wondering about Los Angeles doulas. You might be asking yourself — What is the role of a birth doula? How can they support me during birth and beyond? Should I hire a doula?

As a newborn photographer in Los Angeles, I tend to cross paths with other maternity and birth professionals. And as a parent myself, I know how hard it can be to find the right people to surround yourself with during this crucial time.

Here are some excellent Los Angeles doulas for you to meet, and some of the most frequently asked questions answered below.

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Here are 4 Amazing Los Angeles Doulas to Support You During Your Birth and Beyond

Jill Magoffin – Doula in Los Angeles


Serving Los Angeles & Ventura County

I approach my role as a Birth and Postpartum Doula with flexibility, kindness, humor, and compassion.

No matter what your family looks like, or what you want for a birth plan, I will support you to ensure your needs are met by providing you with information and options, without judgement. I will be there for you to lower stress, anxiety, and pressure, and be your constant cheerleader through every step of your birthing and postpartum journey.

Learn more about Jill…

Los Angeles birth doula Jill Magoffin

Birth Blooms – Megan Bond

Bio pic of Megan Bond, a Los Angeles doula


Serving East Hollywood and surrounding areas

My journey to becoming a doula began with my nephew’s birth. I slowly realized I had begun fulfilling the role of a doula in my personal life and decided to expand my research and training to begin supporting other birthing people as well. Training at Bini Birth in Sherman Oaks with the wonderful Ana Paula Markel and joining the DASC Association gave me the community that I needed to continue learning, growing, and working as a doula. The depth of human connection is what keeps me going and what I value in this unique role. My clients amaze me everyday.

Learn more about Megan…

Denise Curtis – Doula Services


Serving South Bay, West Los Angeles, Downtown LA

I’m a Certified Labor & Postpartum Doula (CAPPA), Breastfeeding Coach & Lactation Educator, and Childbirth Educator. I offer pregnancy and birth support, childbirth education, infant care instruction, breastfeeding support and education, postpartum care and education, and evidence-based resources to have you ready for anything that may come your way when having a baby.

I love being able to provide families with emotional, physical, mental, and informational support in a non-judgmental manner, while creating strong personal bonds that include loyalty, privacy, and trust!

Learn more about Denise…

Photo of labor and postpartum doula Denise Curtis

Sherry the Doula – Sherry Jones

Los Angeles doula Sherry Jones working with a pregnant client


Serving Los Angeles, Pasadena, Mid-City Ventura and surrounding areas

I have attended Los Angeles area births as a birth and postpartum birth worker since 2015, including births in homes, hospitals, and birth centers. I specialize in breastfeeding education, prenatal/postpartum bodywork, and breech balancing.  I come from a family of birth workers, and this has shaped me immeasurably. I witnessed the deep care of others in my family. I learned the importance of helping others by being kind, compassionate, and patient. I witnessed the kind of support families need to thrive. My knowledge and skills are a blend of formal education and apprenticeship alongside modern and traditional midwives and healers in the U.S., Mexico, and India.

Learn more about Sherry…

Frequently Asked Questions for Los Angeles Doulas

What is the role of a birth doula during labor and delivery?

Birth doulas provide continuous emotional, physical, and informational support throughout labor and delivery. This includes providing comfort through various pain relief techniques such as massage and supportive positioning, offering emotional encouragement, and facilitating communication between the birthing person, their partner, and the medical staff. Doulas remain present throughout the labor and delivery to ensure everyone feels supported until they are comfortable post-delivery. (Answer provided by Jill Magoffin)

How much experience do birth doulas have with different birthing methods?

A birth doula’s experience encompasses a variety of birthing methods ranging from unmedicated childbirth to medicated options and includes specialized settings like water births. A doula’s role is to support the birthing choices and help navigate these methods by offering personalized advice and practical assistance during labor, tailored to the chosen method and setting, whether at home, a birthing center, or a hospital. (Answer provided by Jill Magoffin)

How does a doula help with pain management during labor?

In our prenatal visit, we talk a lot about the fear-tension cycle. It is human tendency to become tense when faced with discomfort, which is counterintuitive to the birth process. When clients learn more about what happens in their body during birth, they can begin to accept the process and tap into their intuitive nature. This is easier to do with someone like a doula or partner in the room offering reassurance and encouragement when labor becomes challenging. Some great pain management suggestions I offer are: hot or cold compresses, hydrotherapy, gentle movement, creating a soothing and comfortable environment to labor in (ie: dim lighting, no noise), finding and keeping a labor rhythm with the possibility of music, massage, or counter-pressure, all dependent upon the birthing person’s preference. (Answer provided by Megan Bond)

How does a doula work with my birth partner?

As a Los Angeles doula, I love getting partners involved in the birth process. Prior to the big day, I spend time with my clients and their partners to answer any questions and give an overview of what to expect. I coach the partners on ways they can be helpful throughout the different stages of labor, especially focusing on how they can support during early labor while you’re still at home and your doula hasn’t arrived yet. I encourage partners to get involved at their level of comfortability throughout active labor and pushing. Birth isn’t just an experience for mothers and birthing parents, it’s also a life changing experience for your partners as well. (Answer provided by Denise Curtis)

Is a doula available for continuous support during labor, including overnight if needed?

A doula is with a client throughout the entirety of their labor, there is no timeframe limitation. I offer phone support in early labor and join laboring women when additional support is needed. (Answer provided by Sherry Jones)

What happens if I need a c-section?

If for any reason you need to have a cesarean birth, I continue to provide support. We will go over how to have the best cesarean possible, focusing on the aspects of your birth preferences that can be honored. You will require more support during postpartum, so we would shift our focus to your postpartum plan. As a Los Angeles doula, I know that in many hospitals you are allowed one support person in the operating room, but you can always speak to your provider ahead of time and advocate having a doula in the room as well. In any case–I remain with you for surgery prep, and we reunite in the recovery room during your first moments as a family where I help you preserve and honor the moments together. (Answer provided by Megan Bond)

What is the best time to hire a Los Angeles doula for my birth?

The earlier the better. Because birth doulas only take on a few clients at a time, they tend to book up quickly. If you have a doula that you really love, book them early so you don’t miss out on working with them. Also, when you start working with a doula in your pregnancy, you’ve basically got a birth encyclopedia in your back pocket. They’re available to answer any questions that may pop up, offer guidance and references, give professional referrals, and just be a sounding board for the emotional rollercoaster that is pregnancy! (Answer provided by Denise Curtis)

Can a doula help me create a birth plan and advocate for my preferences?

Yes, Los Angeles doulas can help create a birth plan for all birthing environments and advocate for their client during a labor and birth setting. Bridging the gap of misinformation with education, resources, and realistic expectations about your chosen birth place is the first step. Advocacy starts with getting clear on your desires, knowing the realities of your birth environment, taking responsibility for your choices, and exploring the tools needed for the unpredictable space of labor and birth. (Answer provided by Sherry Jones)

How many visits does doula services include? Are you available before and after the birth?

Doula services typically include several in-person visits to discuss and plan for the birth, covering everything from birth planning to preparing your mind and body for labor. These prenatal visits also involve education on newborn care. Doulas are present during labor and delivery and stay until you are settled and comfortable afterward. Additionally, Los Angeles doulas provide a postpartum visit to ensure you and your newborn are adjusting well, addressing any concerns you might have and offering further resources and support. (Answer provided by Jill Magoffin)

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