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Looking for unique photo gifts for mom? Whether you’re starting to think about Mother’s Day gifts or another special occasion, it’s always nice to have a go-to list of unique photo gifts in your back pocket. If you’re a mom, this is a resource you can share with your partner to spark some ideas for something you’ll love. If your kids can pitch in with selecting images (or simply being in them,) even better!

Not only do your personal images make for beautiful gifts, but they add so much thoughtfulness and sentimental value to any present. The recipient can be sure you took the time to plan ahead and put some time and consideration into creating something special for them.

As a Los Angeles Family Photographer, I tend to be very discerning with my photo gift recommendations based on print quality and product durability. Here are products from a handful of photo labs and online stores that I have used in the past and have delivered the highest quality products. 

Check out these 10 unique photo gifts for mom.

1. Tabletop Photo Tiles From mpix

Whenever I get asked about loose prints, I always recommend mpix. They provide affordable and high-quality prints that will stand the test of time. With that in mind, these simple tabletop square photo tiles make beautiful and unique photo gift ideas for mom. You can get a standalone tile, or a small collection that will look beautiful as a display. These start at $30 each.

2. Tabletop Framed Metal Prints From mpix

These tabletop framed metal prints are another great option from mpix. The combination of the metal prints and bamboo frames make for a wonderful aesthetic. These unique photo gifts for mom start at $50 each.

3. Tiny Books From Social Print Studio

How cute are these tiny photo books from Social Print Studio?? Flipping through these little albums is a wonderful alternative to scrolling through your phone for photos of your kids. And they are small enough to take anywhere. It’s also the perfect gift from the kids because of their size and simplicity. These start at $26 for a set of 3, each including 24 photos.

4. Giant Photo Strips From Social Print Studio

If you’re looking for unique photo gifts for mom that you can display on your wall, these giant photo strips from Social Print Studio are nostalgic and fun. Perfect for a small set of images that capture a specific moment. These come with 4 frames each and an optional bamboo hanger. These start at $32 for a set of 2.

5. Grid Poster From Social Print Studio

This grid poster from Social Print Studio is the perfect item for anyone wanting to display a large number of photos within a single piece of artwork. You can pack your grid with your favorite images, creating something your kids will want to stare at for hours. This items starts at $44 unframed to $156 framed, and can include 50-200 photos. 

These wood gallery frames from Pottery Barn are great unique photo gifts for mom if you who already have professional or high-quality photos ready to be printed. You can mix and match, customize your display, and DIY if you’re recently worked with a family photographer and just haven’t gotten around to printing your photos. These range from $40-$200 depending on frame size and can accommodate single or multiple images per frame.

I love this set of hanging gallery frames from Pottery Barn because you can create an entire photo display by adding only one new piece of hardware to your walls. Not only are these unique photo gifts for mom, but they will make any blank wall shine with personality. Hang these straight, or diagonally if you have stairs at home. Make sure you are using high-quality prints from a professional family photographer, or smaller prints from your phone. These hanging frames are $80.

If you have a bold-colored wall or beautiful wallpaper, these floating wood gallery frames from Pottery Barn will work great. They can also complement a simple and clean look, if that’s your thing. Again, these frames are great if you already have high-quality photos that are ready for printing. These range from $69-$199, depending on size.

9. Instax Square Printer by Fujifilm

This Instax Square Printer by Fujifilm is a great gadget to have. Quickly print out your iPhone photos, or even professional images with one click. This is definitely the easiest way to make sure you are getting your favorite photos printed, so they are not just living on your phone. These make wonderful and unique gifts for mom that even the kids will want to borrow! This printer goes for $124 plus about $20 for each cartridge of 10 prints.

10. Ultimate Unique Photo Gift For Mom

Photo collage of at home family photoshoots by Los Angeles family photographer Marjorie Cohen.

No gift is more valuable (in my humble opinion,) than a professional family photoshoot. As a Los Angeles Family Photographer, granted, I may be biased. But as a mom, I know that no material possession is more valuable to me than the photos I have with my kids. Notice I said, with my kids, not of my kids. As parents, we all have thousands of photos of our littles, but not nearly as many that include us as well. Family photos are the kind of thing that only become more precious over time. They are an investment you will never regret making.

If you are local to Los Angeles and curious about a session with me, visit my website to learn more. Not ready for that yet? Come hang out with me on instagram to see my latest work.


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