When you flip through your family photos, what images bring you pure joy? If I had to guess, it's probably not the ones showing forced laughter and coordinated outfits. It's your kids learning to bake. Your partner holding your newborn son for the first time. Or your toddler taking her first steps.
And what's wrong with these images? Nothing. Except none of them include you. It's time to change all that.

Capturing the Joyful & Unscripted Moments of Life


It's time for

It's time for you to be part of their story.

to be part of their story.



No posing. No chasing the light. Just you living life with your favorite people.
Because the photographs you treasure most capture the essence of your entire family's personality. And the joy you feel when you spend time together.

Proof of Joy

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Hi, I'm Marjorie. You can only understand family life if you have lived it. The combination of sleep deprivation, emotional attachment, and responsibility you feel to keep these little people alive--while feeling like you're in the background holding it all together.

That cocktail of factors is what binds us together in parenthood. And that connection is why I bring parents into the scene. To show them they're doing a GREAT job. Because they deserve to see themselves--with their thriving family--reflected in beautiful photographs of life's most treasured moments.

Documentary-Style Family Photographer & Fellow Parent

Meet Marjorie

- Elana

Marjorie will make you and your family feel comfortable and relaxed. there is no stress surrounding being photographed. 

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- Katrina 

Marjorie captured authentic photos as if she wasn’t even there.

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 Spend time together. Do things you love. And never worry about a time limit or a tantrum. I'll be the calming presence who captures the best moments as they unfold--even between moments of chaos.


step 03

I'll send a prep guide to answer your questions and help you choose outfits. And I'll send a questionnaire to help me understand your family routines and quirks--so every single one of you feels comfortable in front of my camera.


step 02

We'll start with a conversation about what's important to you and your family. Then, I'll send you a custom proposal with precisely what you need.


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Family Photography You Actually Enjoy


Discover the joy your kids feel with you as their parent. Look through your albums and prints, and remember that you are doing great. Because that is what this process is all about.


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Most photo sessions offer little flexibility, and you often remember the stress more than the result: Finding a missing shoe, hurrying out the door, and adjusting a stray hair or a faltering smile.

With me, you'll never have a time limit, and your only responsibility will be to enjoy your family. So while you relax into moments of genuine connection with your loved ones, I'll produce natural photographs as a result.

Build a connection

Feel prepared

Reconnect with loved ones

Treasure everyday moments

- Danielle

Marj was in regular communication with us. She described what we should expect and how we should prepare in great detail. I was nervous, but her guidance helped ease my nerves.

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- Shannon

She sets up your expectations and delivers.

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Easy and stress-free guide on getting your home ready for a photo session. Here’s what you need to do and here’s what you can skip!

Preparing Your Home For Your Photo Session

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Real Love & Genuine Connection

You deserve the gift of presence. The ability to be part of their memories. And photographs to prove it.
Reach out, and let's get started.

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