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If you have young kids and are still occupied with them most of your time, you might be looking for some date night ideas for parents. It’s normal for the transition into parenthood create a strain in the relationship of a couple. You’re tired. You’re busy. You’re discovering a brand new identity. Most importantly – you’re trying to keep your kids alive and ideally happy and healthy. So maybe dating your partner is the furthest thing on your mind. Or alternatively, the idea of taking away from your kids has you feeling guilty.

Ultimately, your relationship will need some attention and nurturing, even when everything feels so crazy. Not just for you and your partner, but for your kiddos to see their parents put in the effort for each other.

If you’ve been cooped up for too long and forgot how to have a fun night out, here are 10 fun date night ideas for parents from a Los Angeles Family Photographer.

Photo collage of just parents to illustrate date night ideas for parents.

At Home Date Night Ideas For Parents

Sometimes the reality is that you’re not able to leave the house. Maybe you have no sitter, or you’re just not mentally ready to be away from your child. Here are some date night ideas for parents who are staying in but still want to make a special night of it.

1. Movie Night

Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a real movie night. The trick to doing it at home is going all out! Set out a blanket, make some fresh popcorn, put your phones away, and cuddle in front of the TV. Pro tip: pick the movie ahead of time so you don’t waste time scrolling through all your different screening services!

2. Cook A Meal Together

The best recipe for [insert your favorite dish] is only a Google Search away! Make it easy and, most importantly, for adults only. Pick something your children don’t like or can’t eat like Penne alla Vodka or Tiramisu. There are so many quick and easy options even for those who aren’t avid cooks. Most importantly, take the time to make something for yourself, especially if most of your cooking is catering to your littles.

3. Play a Board/Card Game

Pick something you haven’t played in ages and make it fun. Pop open a bottle of wine, put your phones away and engage with each other. The game is only a vehicle for you to talk, laugh, and be silly with your partner.

4. Do A Puzzle

Though this activity is on the more low-key end of things, it’s a great way to occupy your senses and open yourself up to a great conversation. Sometimes when our bodies are busy, it’s easier to have a deeper conversation with someone, rather than placing all your attention on the other person. So dust off those old puzzles you bought during the pandemic and put them to good use!

5. Group Game Night With Old (Or New) Friends

Gather the crew ’round the living room and play your game of choice – charades, poker, Settler of Catan, Cards Against Humanity – whatever strikes your fancy. You may have to keep it down so as not to wake up the kids, but it’ll be great. And there’s nothing like some fresh energy in your home to revitalize you.

Two photos of couples embracing each other.

Out-On-The-Town Date Night Ideas

If you’re able to leave the house for a few hours alone with your partner, that’s fantastic! It’s definitely nice to get away and change the scenery a little bit. Here are some date night ideas for parents who can get a sitter.

1 Dinner And A Movie

Nothing like the most classic date night combo to make you feel young and special again! In fact, go to your old stomping ground, maybe a restaurant that has sentimental value. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking or original. The important thing is taking some time to be together.

2. Escape Room

Escape Rooms are one of the most popular date night ideas for parents at the moment. Not only are they great fun, but you get to solve puzzles and work together. It brings out the kid in you in the best possible way. Bonus point for wrangling together some friends and making it a group outing!

3. Mini Golf

Another classic that never gets old! Mini golf is active, fun, and because it’s not particularly challenging, it’s a great activity for meaningful conversations. Keeping your body occupied can be a great way to free your mind.

4. Picnic At the Beach

If you love a good cliche, pack your favorite snacks, a bottle of wine, and take a picnic to your nearest beach. To make it especially romantic, make sure to cuddle on the blanket and watch the sunset together.

5. Pickleball

For the more active couples out there, and those who might only be free during the day, go try out a game of pickleball. The best thing about it? You can have so much fun even if you’ve never played before. This is a great way to get your body moving again and bring out your competitive side.

Two photos of just the parents at a family photo session at home.

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Marjorie of Marjorie Cohen Photography. I capture the joyful and unscripted moments of life for families based in Los Angeles, California.

I hope this article helped you come up with some great date night ideas for parents. If you’re curious about Newborn & Family Photography, visit my website for more info. You can also find me on Instagram with my latest work!


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