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Preparing for your in home newborn photos may sound overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Read on for easy and stress-free tips on how to get ready for your newborn photoshoot. 

Getting in the right mindset is just as important as picking the right outfits or tidying up your home. Here’s the advice I give my clients that makes for the most meaningful and joyous family photos.

In home newborn photos collage. A photo collection of parents snuggling their newborn babies at home.

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How To Prepare for Your In Home Newborn Photos

Here are 5 easy and actionable tips to help you get ready for your in home newborn photos.

Maintain a positive attitude during your newborn photoshoot

Know that a positive attitude is much more important than an impeccable home or perfectly matching outfits. The real secret for a successful session is your ability to roll with the punches. Having a newborn teaches parents very quickly that we have very little control over… well, anything. Embracing this notion during your photoshoot (and life!) will make things go smoother. 

It’s helpful to remain flexible and open to surprises other than hoping that everything goes according to plan. Because spoiler alert: It won’t!

On the other hand, the unplanned moments can make for the most beautiful images.

So how to put yourself in the right mindstate?

  • Take a moment to collect yourself before taking photos.
  • Ask the photographer for a break if things feel too crazy.
  • Focus on your new baby. Take in all the little details to help you refocus on them versus being in your head. 

Identify 1-3 rooms where you’d like to take your in home newborn photos

Pick 1-3 rooms you’d like to use for your at-home newborn photos and don’t worry about preparing the rest of the house.

If you’ve been working on that beautiful nursery, now is the time to show it off. Otherwise, the parents’ bedroom is often a great spot for baby portraits and family photos. I suggest light and simple bedding to avoid clashing with outfit options and letting you shine in the photos.

Finally, the living room tends to work well and is the area of the house where you’re likely to be hanging out anyway.

I’ve also seen other rooms work such as the kitchen or patio. Your photographer will help you select the best areas within those rooms based on lighting and other factors. 

In home newborn photos of a mom with her newborn baby and toddler daughter.

Only Tidy Up Main Rooms Before Your Newborn Photographer Arrives

Don’t worry about cleaning up your whole home. Most areas won’t appear in your newborn photos, and you don’t need to do it for the sake of your photographer. Newborn photographers have seen it all! 

After the arrival of a new baby, you will suddenly have more stuff in your home than ever before and less time and energy to clean it all up. Focus on the areas you want to feature and tidy those up. Put away items such as:

  • Laptops
  • Computer cables
  • Dirty socks/laundry
  • Dirty dishes/bottles
  • Phones
  • Phone Chargers

Pick simple outfits that compliment your home decor

Picking outfits for in home newborn photos can be its own pain point. If this is something you’re concerned about, check out my article on What To Wear For A Newborn Photo Session

Picking light, simple colors, with a variety of textures is a great and easy way to go. Layers work well for the adults. And if you have one special outfit for your newborn or for you, keep that in mind when selecting the other looks.

Some things to AVOID are:

  • All black
  • All white
  • Logos
  • Distracting patterns
  • Matchy-matchy

Finally, make sure to have a Plan B. Keep extra outfits on-hand in case you need a change of clothes due to spit-up, blow-outs, etc.

Examples of what to wear during an in home newborn session. Mom wears a dress that matched the nursery, dad wears a simple shirt that complements her outfit.

Relax and Enjoy Your Newborn Photo Session

I know telling someone to relax, especially when they have a big camera pointed at their face, is easier said than done. But this is important because your mood will show up in your photos. Additionally, you’ll only love your final images as much as you enjoyed your experience. The two things really go hand-in-hand. 

If you are worried about feeling self-conscious in front of the camera, check out my article on The Secret To Relaxing In Front Of the Camera

To summarize, the trick is to stay as present as possible. How do you do this? Focus on your partner. Focus on your baby. Take time to slow down and enjoy your family. Look at your new baby’s little face, their little hands, their little feet. Watch their expression changing as they sleep or feed.

Newborn days can feel like kind of a blur. Take advantage of your in home newborn session to savor those moments with your baby before you go back to real life. 

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