5 Reasons to Take Newborn Photos At Home

Black & white overhead image of a newborn baby lying on his mother's legs and she shushes her.



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If you’re researching newborn photos, you may have noticed there are three options for where a newborn photo session could take place:

  1. At the hospital
  2. At a studio
  3. At home

In this article I’ll talk about why I’m partial to taking newborn photos at home, and what are the benefits of an at-home session. 

Collage of newborn photos at home. A collection of photos of parents snuggling their newborn babies at home.

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Why Take Newborn Photos At Home?

1. It’s easy.

I heard someone say that the first two weeks with a newborn feel like one really long day. The hours blur together and everything gets a little hazy. The last thing you need is to have to be at a specific place at a specific time. Make it easier on yourself by having your newborn photos at home. 

2. You can respect your baby’s schedule.

Those early days with a newborn tend to be a little unpredictable. They may cluster feed one day and sleep for 4 hours straight the next. If you decide to have your newborn session at home, you can respect your baby’s needs and even document their routine.

3. You have everything you need at home.

Over time, parents become expert packers and can be ready to leave with everything they need within minutes. But in the beginning when everything is new, it takes a lot of mental bandwidth to remember all the things. (I’ve personally forgotten diapers for my baby and had to borrow one from a friend’s toddler.) At home, you have everything you need. Not only is this a practical benefit, but a mental one because it’s one less thing to worry about. All the things your baby could possibly need – diapers, a change of clothes, swaddles, bottles, pacifiers – are all within reach. 

4. You’re most comfortable at home.

One of the key factors in making sure you have great newborn photos is to stay relaxed and happy throughout your session. The environment plays a huge role in this. By taking newborn photos at home, you are setting yourself up to be at ease. Not only do you know your way around, but there’s a sense of privacy there that you wouldn’t get on location. 

5. Your photos will tell a story.

There are so many details that will make their way into your images when you take newborn photos at home. The nursery you worked so hard to decorate, a quilt that has been passed down from generations, a book that your best friend bought your child… the list is endless. The photographer doesn’t even need to be aware of the meaning behind all the items – because you are. And they will inevitably make their way into the photos and add to the story of what your newborn days were like. Your photos will be so much richer for it. And contain so much information that would otherwise not be included if you were in an environment that wasn’t yours. 

Photo collage from an at-home newborn photo session: a mom breastfeeding her newborn baby, a close up of baby's fingers holding mom's finger, and mom and her two children - the baby and his toddler sister.

Newborn Photo Ideas

As an at-home newborn photographer, I go into each session with a shot list in mind. Though the images will vary greatly from one family to another, this is a great starting point. (Not all of these may apply to you.)

Here are 10 Must-Have Newborn Photos (Examples from a single newborn session)

1. Family Photo With New Baby

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for – your baby is now earthside! Squeeze everyone onto the bed or couch so you can all be together.

Family photo at home taken on mom and dad's bed with their toddler and newborn daughters.

2. Portrait Of Baby

Take a photo that focuses on their little face so you can take in all the details, and virtually introduce them to your friends and family.

One color and one black and white portrait of a newborn.

3. Baby Details

Tiny hands, tiny feet, tiny head… These details are great markers to give you a sense of scale, and show you how quickly they grow!

Black & white photo collage of baby details - hands, feet, and head in mom's hands.

4. Alone Time With Mama/Parent A

Document those delicious cuddles, when you still can’t believe they’re here.

Two images of a newborn baby girl resting on mom.

5. Alone Time With Dad/Parent B

Enjoy a few minutes just the two of you.

Two images of a newborn baby girl with dad.

6. Meeting Older Sibling(s)

If this isn’t your first child, then your older kid(s) will certainly be eager to meet the new baby. Be ready – this can go either way at first. A new baby is a lot to process for a child. But regardless, it’s a moment you’ll want to remember.

Sibling photo of a toddler and her newborn baby sister.

7. Breastfeeding or Bottle-feeding

Whether you are nursing or bottle-feeding, each feed is an opportunity to bond. (I wish I had this photo myself!)

Mother and newborn daughter breastfeeding skin-to-skin.

8. Naked Baby Or Down to the Diaper

Your baby will change so much in the first few weeks. They will fill out so quickly! Make sure to capture their tiny bodies, because they’ll never look like this again!

Portrait of a newborn baby in a diaper with mom kissing the top of her head.

9. Baby In Crib or Bassinet

This is one of my favorite images because it gives you a great sense of scale. Look how tiny they are! Pro tip: You might need a step stool to get this shot.

Overhead crib photo of a newborn baby in black & white.

10. Just the Parents

Once the baby is born, they will have everyone’s attention. But let’s not forget the people who started this family in the first place. (This is also a great opportunity to reconnect with your partner and reflect on what you have accomplished together. Even if it’s just for a quick minute.)

Two images of a couple kissing and holding each other during their newborn photos at home.

11. Meeting a Grandparent (Bonus!)

If you or your partner are lucky enough to have a parent who’s around and will be a part of your baby’s life, you must get a shot of them meeting!

Grandmother and newborn baby cuddling.

How To Take Newborn Photos At Home

Though the benefits of working with a professional newborn photographer are endless, you might be curious about DIY Newborn Photos. Here’s an article I wrote with lots of tips and inspiration in case you want to take your own newborn photos at home. 

Free Guide: How To Prepare Your Home For A Photoshoot

If you’re serious about hiring a professional newborn photographer and thinking of getting newborn photos at home, here’s a free guide on how to prepare for your session!

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